How to Clean and Detail Your Car at Home

By Justin Metz on April 30, 2020

After a long winter, chances are your car looks a little worse for the wear. Even if you wash it regularly, months of salt, dirt and grime can still accumulate in places that aren’t touched by a drive-through car wash. And the interior likely has its share of dirt, crumbs and coffee stains, too.

Having the right auto insurance is one way to protect your ride, but taking the time to do a thorough cleaning is another. (Read more about what road salt does to your car.)

To get your car looking as good as new, you need more than just a car wash. You need a full detailing job.

What’s auto detailing? It’s essentially a very thorough cleaning of your car — inside and out — that restores it to near showroom condition.

If you hire a professional, a full interior and exterior detail can cost hundreds of dollars. But if you have a few hours to spare, you can detail your own vehicle from the comfort of your driveway. Continue reading “How to Clean and Detail Your Car at Home”

What to Know About Hail, Roof Damage and Common Scams

By Erie Insurance on May 8, 2020

A hailstorm just blew in through your neighborhood. Suddenly, there are people at your door telling you they can repair your home’s damage quickly and easily. What would you do?

While some hail damage may be obvious, you can’t always trust that someone showing up to your door has your best interests in mind.

The size and density of a hailstone will determine the severity of damage you’ll find after a storm. While some hailstorms can cause severe damage to your car and home, others can leave little to no harm at all.

If you’ve recently battled a hailstorm, here is what you need to know about hail, roof damage, homeowners insurance and common scams. Continue reading “What to Know About Hail, Roof Damage and Common Scams”

How We’re Helping: 8 Things ERIE is Doing During COVID-19

Abby Badach Doyle on April 27, 2020

When Erie Insurance opened for business in 1925, our co-founder H.O. Hirt inspired us with his motto: Never lose the human touch.

Well… these days, the “human touch” looks a lot different. But that spirit is still alive in us at ERIE, where we’re still here for you and the communities we serve.

Check our COVID-19 Information Center for the latest news and announcements. For questions about your specific policy, review our COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions.

In case you missed it: Here’s a recap of what we’re doing to help. Continue reading “How We’re Helping: 8 Things ERIE is Doing During COVID-19”